Coming soon…

Here’s that requisite awkward “hello world!” post.

This August, I will finally be embarking on my teaching career f’realsies.  I’ve finished my MAT, gotten my certificate, and signed a contract to teach at a great high school.  I’ll be diving head-first into the new common core curriculum with the Coordinate Algebra course (also known as Algebra I to most folks).

But before that happens, I’m getting married in 12 days (OMG)!  So the blog will be starting after the honeymoon and whatnot.  I will start sorting out my teaching thoughts here once I have time to have teaching thoughts again.

I mostly just had a good idea what to title this thing (finally, as I’m awful with titles and usernames), and wanted to stake my claim in the twitterblogosphere.

Hello, teaching world.  See you soon.


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