Check, Check…

…is this thing on?

Yes, mathtwitterblogosphere*, I’m still here, and still teaching.

About this time last year is when I really started to feel overwhelmed with it all, and then… it’s all a bit of a blur, but I got through it, and inexplicably, I came back for more.  Blogging was the last thing on my mind, because that first year was rough, y’all.  So, huge props to anyone who blogs their way through their first year.  I couldn’t manage.

This year has been substantially better so far, for a long list of reasons.  Smaller class sizes, teaching two consecutive courses which helps me plan “vertically,” smaller class sizes, having a better handle on this whole “teaching” gig, smaller class sizes, understanding that sometimes I’m too darn nice and need to be The Bad Guy for a while, and my class sizes are smaller…  🙂

Meanwhile, I became a big Instagrammer over the summer.  (Driving on a cross-country road trip and taking 3000 pictures can have that effect on you, it turns out.)  But… I’m not really down with Instagram’s ToS.  I’m no artist, but I like owning my photos.  I stopped posting on Facebook a long time ago (even though it’s very well locked-down from kids seeing much more than my face and name, I’m still not comfortable with their policies), and I feel like I should start backing away from Instagram too.  Pressgram sounds like a good alternative, and hey: most of my Instagram posts are of my classroom anyway.  Pictures and captions I can handle.  Real written-out posts (like this) take time to edit, and I am a perfectionist.

TL;DR: I’m not quite dead yet, and I will be experimenting with Pressgram.  It may lead to me posting more often.  Or not!  Time will tell.  We’ll see.  But in any case, I’m still here, and already nearly a quarter of the way through #year2.  🙂

* I thought to myself, not having read hardly any posts in the last year, Surely someone has started calling it MTBoS by now, and verily, they have.  Good stuff.

** More people should end blog posts with a TL;DR.  Sometimes I see my math ed Feedly piling up with posts and I’m all, ain’t nobody got time for that!